Saturday, July 21, 2012

World's Most Unique Culture

1. Whole Body Tattoo

Although, to pursue the beautiful title, a person must be willing to feel the extreme pain. Pictured above is a full body tattoo, so that the person who tattooed all over his body, would seem fully dressed, even though he was stark naked. Pretty strange. Find other unique information only: Click> set 7 Unique And Interesting Information

2. Crocodile teeth

In New Guinea, a person is mature and fashionable, when it already has a tattoo of a crocodile's teeth. They draw a motif or symbol in the body with alligator teeth. If the wounds had healed, then he will get relief in his back.

3. Full face injury

West Africans make cuts in order to be recognized upfront. whether the wound was made ​​by what means, and how it feels. But clearly it is more expensive than regular treatment every day.

4. Kakin The Less

Since childhood, girls in china has done this terrible leg cuts. Look at the wound. This was done so small that his feet could fit on a typical small shoes china. The smaller the size of his shoes, the more cantiklah it.

5. sharpening teeth

If the gear we got something hard it hurts, especially if it should be pointed like this picture. Terbayangkah feel like? Many cultures in the world embrace the beauty of this pointy teeth. If you've entered adulthood, his teeth must be sharpened by sharpening. A person can pass out while doing it.

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